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For Africa's Future!

Traveling has given me a broad sense of what can work for Emerging Markets especially on the African Continent:

A Journey from Latin America to South East Asia!

At Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea

It is worth noting that this was not a long-planned aspiration as a kid growing up in the North West Region of Cameroon. In my early childhood, my only hope was to become a physician like my dad and hopefully learning this craft abroad (either in the United States or Europe).

However, this changed when I met an inspiring young African Entrepreneur and Investor, Mr. Sangu Delle at the Harvard International Development Conference at the Kennedy School. He was at the time was an MBA/J.D ( Doctor of Law) at Harvard University. His passion for Africa and most importantly his hope for the continent as he moderated a panel that I attended spurred to think differently about my life and career.

Sangu Delle giving a TED Talk in 2014 titled, "In Praise of Macro--yes, Macro--finance in Africa"

Fast forward almost 6 years later, I decided to go on this adventure to learn about the passions, aspirations, and visions of entrepreneurs, investors, and scholars with a specific focus on sharing their stories and best practices in emerging markets.

Seoul, South Korea from Lotte Buiilding!

This path, which I believed chose me implied I had to travel and experience what it means to start a successful business on the ground.

I met professors, entrepreneurs, and investors from Peru to Taiwan who are experts on the trajectory of entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

In order to understand the financial and social implications, I strive to understand the mission statement and/or thesis of these individuals on a practical level. From my interactions, irrespective of culture or race, I heard and learned practical approaches with well-thought-out implementation strategies on how entrepreneurs and companies in emerging markets can grow and succeed.

I have been ecstatic on the collective approach on various stakeholders within companies and countries that have taken towards improving entrepreneurial conditions in emerging markets.

This year beginning in the summer,

More so, I hope to develop more content this year by traveling and interviewing more people in Asia and Africa. For Asia, this includes Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China. For Africa, the countries that I plan to visit will include Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Rwanda.

I hope to continue to share this experience with you along the way and hope you’ll join me on this journey. I will also appreciate if you can also support this journey so that I can be able to share more exciting content with you with a specific focus on the growth of Africa (the last frontier of the Global Market).

Additionally, the findings in this research will aid in our strategy to finance and develop a $1 million fund we plan to establish by the end of this year.

Looking forward to sharing more content with you. Please subscribe to this blog for more exciting short stories and updates on Jamani

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