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What happened in Taiwan?

As part of my research study to study Emerging Markets, Taiwan was on top of my list. First, her significant geopolitical & economic impact in that area of the world and the rapid rise of youth entrepreneurship

Also, Taiwan was listed as one of the Emerging Economies in 2019 by FocusEconomics (even though its GDP growth forecast was low comparative to India or China, there is nonetheless a lot of entrepreneurial activity)


Taiwan's History of "No-risk taking" and significant foreign investment especially from China have both had a significant role of the mindset and trajectory of entrepreneurship and private investments into companies in Taiwan.

There are a lot of investment opportunities in South East Asia specifically in Taiwan as well as enormous opportunities for growth for entrepreneurial ventures in these emerging markets but we have to have a more in-depth analysis and mindsets of the main drivers within the ecosystem

I met some scholars, investors, and entrepreneurs that provided me with a landscape of the history and trends of entrepreneurship and investment opportunities on this beautiful island

I first met with Tai-Ku Chen, an Entrepreneur-In Residence at Darwin Ventures and Babson MBA'10 graduate

Tai-Ku Chen

Darwin Ventures is a venture capital fund of funds that provides individual and institutional investors (primarily educational endowments and foundations) unique access to investment opportunities that are generally unavailable to most investors.

The firm was founded for the purpose of providing selective investments in top-tier venture capital funds. These investments include a diverse group of venture capital partnerships with a focus on US-based early-stage venture capital funds diversified across industry sectors including technology, information technology, and healthcare.

Second, I met with Jason Lu, Project Manager and May Kang, Office Manager at Garage+

Jason Lu, Project Manager (left), me (middle), and May Kang, Office Manager (Right) at Garage+

Garage+ is the Zero-equity Incubator to Back up Innovation-driven Startups in Taipei, Taiwan

Founded by Epoch Foundation, a renowned non- profit organization based in Taipei, Taiwan, Garage+ doesn’t just provide a space for incubation but also fosters a thriving startup ecosystem supported by experienced and successful entrepreneurs.

The vibrant community of Garage+ helps facilitate early-stage startups to build a team, enhance connections, strengthen core values, access fundraising resources and eventually get to the top. Since 2012, 75% of Garage+ teams have received funds from professional investors and have continued to grow business in various industries.

Third, I met with Jack Wu, Founder & CEO and one of the first employees (right) at CoolSo

Jack Wu, Founder & CEO (left), me (middle), and one of the first employees (right) at CoolSo

CoolSo aims to create a groundbreaking gesture control device that is more reliable, user-friendly and versatile than any other solutions currently on the market. CoolSo uses patented muscle bio signal technology developed by the founder.

The CoolSo technology is capable of measuring individual finger movement for detail gesture control, and without the drawback suffered by other solutions on the market. such as being immune to human body perspiration which affects detection accuracy of EMG technology, or sunlight which affects the camera-based solution.

CoolSo currently focuses on AR and VR application, and also pursue cooperation partner in medical/re-habitation and sport equipment industry.

Jack Wu, Founder & CEO holds one of his cutting edge technology

Finally, I met with Professor Liu, Day-Yang, who is the Vice President of National Taiwan University of Science & Technology (NTUST).

We talked about tech education, the future of youth entrepreneurship and new trends of investments in Taiwan. Most importantly, what is the most sustainable way forward for this island to build its local entrepreneurial ecosystem while factoring the impact of geopolitical and socio-economic events of its neighboring countries such as China and the western community

Professor Liu is also the professor of Graduate Institute of Finance, Director of the Center of the Study of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Director of the Study of Lottery and Commercial Gaining, and Director-General of Chinese Institute of Decision Sciences

National University of Science & Technology (NTUST)

NTUST commonly referred to as Taiwan Tech. It is a public technological university located in Taipei, Taiwan. NTUST is ranked as one of the best institute in science and Technology in Asia

Tentative Conclusion

In Taiwan, based on my conversation with Professor Liu at NTUST, the are conglomerates built by families that are highly successful and probably is the trajectory of an Emerging Market like Peru will be like in the coming 5-10 years with entrepreneurs like Martin Bedoya of Peru (Please you can read my previous blog). Nonetheless, the significant role of political and economic impact of China and US on Taiwan will most likely determine the stability of foreign investments as well as the types of entrepreneurs on this precious Island (such as Multi-sector or serial entrepreneurs in the future)

I want to continue to develop more content this year by traveling and interviewing more people in Asia and Africa. For Asia, this includes Vietnam (I have been there before but I have to do more intensive research), Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China. For Africa, the countries that I plan this world adventure will include Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Rwanda.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I will also appreciate if you can also support this journey so that I can be able to share more exciting content with you with a specific focus on the growth of Africa (the last frontier of the Global Market).

Looking forward to sharing more content with you. Please subscribe to this blog for more exciting short stories and updates on Jamani

Additionally, the findings in this research will aid in our strategy to finance and develop a $1 million fund we plan to establish by the end of this year.

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