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Value is king. Cash will Follow!

How do we create value without necessarily annoying our customers?

What of the main challenges that I have had so far is finding a cost effective way to communicate value of our ProMask Business.

One of the things that I have been thinking after launching ProMask is how can we communicate its value to our customers without making them cringe.

At ProMasks, we are all first for your safety and health. So, we want to ensure that our ProMasks will accomplish that first and foremost. We're certified by Standard 100- Oeko Tex for Safety to consumers- QUALITY- and SEK Standard from Japan for preventing growth of bacteria).

Second, we use environmentally friendly to make our Masks, and the goal behind that is to ensure that while we take care of yourself, we also have to consider the health of our environment. Thus, we use materials that are Eco-friendly, and they can be re-used by our customers. They are already several reports that disposable masks. One of these articles is titled, 'More Masks than Jellyfish': Coronavirus waste ends up in Ocean. A word coined in this article as "Covid Waste" indicates a new kind of pollution to the sea bodies with single masks use as a major contributor. The French non-profit Opération Mer Propre mentioned in this article encourages people to use reusable masks. As Laurent Lombard of this organization states and I quote. “Knowing that … soon we’ll run the risk of having more masks than jellyfish in the Mediterranean." This was a result of the 2 billion disposable masks that were ordered by French authorities alone.

Thus, we at ProMasks want to safe human lives as well as prevent this mounting environmental crisis with breathable, reusable and washable masks.

Third, we hope to provide masks that are comfortable, stylish, and personalized. With the ever increasing need of masks as an integral part of our lives, we need to design masks that with the flexibility of options in terms of size, colors as well as to your personal taste and fashion. This is something that we are working very hard to ensure that we our customers feel that wearing our ProMask is putting on their own clothes.

We want our ProMasks to reflect you in every sense while also keeping you safe as well as our environment.

If you our brand is appealing to you, you can order now on our website or directly by using this link.

We are currently giving out 50% of our sales to support black communities in Boston. Some of these communities include Black Lives Matter Boston, Loveland Foundation, and Bams Fest.

We can also make customized ProMasks for startups, companies, group of friends, communities, and families. Reach out to us at

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