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Update on COVID-19: Jamani Corporate Group LLC. Moving Forward!

Everything is going online to further notice!

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all doing well in the midst of this unprecedented time in the United States and around the world! Staying healthy and safe while following with the Social Distancing strategy highly recommended by reputable health institutions and health experts across America is critically important.

The graph below, which has been shared by many via social media shows the efficacy of this strategy on "flattening the curve of corona virus spread":

I personally encourage everyone to do their best to follow through with this recommendations from medical officials as well as reputable institutions such as and CDC in order that we can all be part of this solution to overcome this pandemic.

For more information about the COVID-19 updates in the United States. Please visit the and also at


With regards to our In-Person Discussion at JamanInclusive, we will be moving everything online. We can sign up to our mailing list to be remain up to date for our latest ideas and upcoming events.

We will surely have more creative ways to keep more interested participants become part our conversations, and we will invite you to subscribe to this page or sign up to our mailing list.

Next Friday, March 27th, we will discuss Risk vs. Return in Investing in Africa. You can sign up here for this first online session. More information of this session below:

Upcoming Important Milestones within Jamani Corporate Group, LLC to accommodate the changing climate:

I have launched 3 Podcasts: (More Information we will be shared in the following work) via Anchor

First, "All About Africa" Podcast- Launched

The Second: " The Time for Emerging Market" Podcast- Launched

The Third: "Two Africans on Africa's Future" Podcast- Pending

In the long-term, we are strategically working on launching our first Fund (Fund 1) of Jamani Ventures-our Venture arm of Jamani Corporate Group, LLC (TBD). We'll share more information on this platform about these as we continue to develop more content on these projects.

Stay Safe and Be Well!


Founder of Jamani Corporate Group, LLC.

Looking forward to having on these platforms. Please subscribe to this platform (Jamani Stories) below. We also have online discussions about fascinating themes on Africa every Friday at 5 pm EST-You can join our mailing list here to join the conversation

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