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One of the Peruvian Entrepreneurs that inspired me the Most in 2019

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

In the 4th quarter of 2018, I decided to start an independent study to travel and meet with entrepreneurs, investors, and scholars with the guidance of Professor Phillip Kim, a professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson College on what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur or investor in emerging markets.

My first stop was Lima Peru. I had planned to spend 3 days there but I believe this short trip will bear fruits because I was meeting one of the most transcendent entrepreneurs in Peru (in my opinion).

I got connected with Martin Bedoya through his brother, Gabriel Bedoya, who is a dear friend and one of my MBA classmates at Babson College in Wellesley, MA in 2019.

Martin Bedoya is a Managing Partner of Inmobiliaria Edifica, and also oversees the operations of 6 other companies within his portfolio (Trendy Host, Produktiva, Net Inversiones, Core Capital SAFI, Street Media, and Asia Asur). Martin has both the vision and plan to transform Real Estate Market not just in Peru but also in Latin America.

Through our WhatsApp conversations, I was more than impressed by his professionalism and willingness to support me with whatever I needed before I arrived in Lima, Peru.

While in Lima, Peru, I resided as a guest in one of his companies, Trendy Host. Trendy Host was founded in 2018, and it is focused in the administration and management of short as well as mid-term rental apartment, providing great value for leisure and corporate travelers.

My second day in Peru, I was picked by Martin wherein I began my interview and later, shown around Inmobilia Edifica, which is headquartered in Miraflores and it was more than inspirational. I sat down with Martin for almost an hour interview. I learned three principles from Martin which seems obvious but it was great to hear from a successful entrepreneur like him:

  • The first lesson you need to LOVE WHAT THEY DO.

  • The second lesson is that you should be ENGAGED and fascinated by their work.

  • The third lesson is that you should be able to PRIORITIZE and say NO to some things.

I saw it was evident that he had diligently followed and applied these principles to all his companies by interviewing his co-partners, managers, and employees within Edifica and the other companies that he co-founded.

I was also fortunate to visit some of on-going constructions at Edifica. Some of the pictures shown below:

Meeting and learning from Martin via an immersive experience Peru was one of the most transformative experiences of my research. And I hope the 4 four principles that I shared with can be applicable to your private and professional lives (whether you an entrepreneur or not).

I have been more than fortunate to meet with to now interview scholars, investors, and entrepreneurs in over 4 countries (Peru, Thailand, South Korea, and Taiwan), and I have gained some insights that I will love to share with you. So, I will encourage you to subscribe to this page for follow-up stories here on this blog as well as on our Facebook Page (Jamani Stories) and Instagram handle (jamani_stories)

More so, I hope to develop more content this year by traveling and interviewing more people in Asia and Africa. For Asia, this includes Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China. For Africa, the countries that I plan this world adventure will include Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Rwanda.

You are more than welcome to support my upcoming trips by directly donating on this blog (I will be blogging my travel on the go and create content that you may find worth reading or watching).

The ultimate goal of this study is to generate a blueprint on how to build a sustainable entrepreneurial landscape in Africa by identifying both visionary and passionate entrepreneurs such as Martin on the continent.

One of the ways, we want to support these entrepreneurs, some of which we have already sourced is by starting a $1 million Fund to invest in them by the end of the second quarter this year. This will help provide the funding some of the companies need to grow across Africa while providing jobs and internal wealth within the continent.

Please subscribe to this blog for more content and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn @ Jacob Fohtung or twitter @JFohtung

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