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Let's take these conversations on record!

Hi Everyone,

I launched several Podcasts this week to bring to light most of my thoughts on some fascinating themes of about Africa & Emerging Markets but most importantly provide a platform for all of you to engage in conversations that can potentially the shape the future of the world.

Below are the Podcasts shared in the previous blog post, and you're welcome stay up to date with upcoming episodes in the coming weeks:

1. "All About Africa" Podcast (Launched)


About my takes of Business School at Babson College, Emerging Markets, and starting a Venture Capital/Consulting firm in Africa

Link: Please click here.

2. The Time 4 Emerging Markets (Launched)


Everything about emerging markets from politics to Entrepreneurship (In-depth)

Link: Please click here.

3. Two Africans on Africa's Future (Pending)


Two Africans- one from Ghana and the other from Cameroon share their vision of Africa and the necessary actions required for her to be the next economic engine in the world

Link: Pending

Stay Safe and Be Well!


Founder of Jamani Corporate Group, LLC.

Looking forward to having on these platforms. Please subscribe to this platform (Jamani Stories) below. We also have online discussions about fascinating themes on Africa every Friday at 5 pm EST-You can join our mailing list here to join our conversations.

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