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A World shaped by COVID-19, Raising $5mm Patient Capital for Entrepreneurs across Africa.

I'm excited to say that we are now actively reaching out to potential limited partners (family offices and High-Net Worth Individuals) to raise $5 million Venture Capital Fund for the next 2 years to invest in Visionary Entrepreneurs who are building Pan-African Companies (Industry agnostic but mostly inclined to tech-based companies) determined to Transform the African Continent in these "New World" of COVID-19 and BEYOND


We Intend to Invest Patient Capital and Empower Innovative 2001+ Pan-African

Entrepreneurs (both men and women) in the next 20 years building resilient companies for the Post COVID-19 Era while creating socio-economic impact across the continent

Visit our main page here and our parent platform, Jamani Corporate Group, LLC here

After traveling across the world from Latin America to South America, I have learned of best practices of investment as well as entrepreneurial practices across emerging markets. I also learned that entrepreneurs have a significant role to play in the socio-economic development of their communities, countries, and continent.

However, what I found to be most important out of my travels was having investors who are aligned entrepreneurs' mindsets, cultures, and passions on how they intend to transform their communities via entrepreneurship.

I know for a fact that there are several Pan-African Entrepreneurs across the continent beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, are prepared, ready, and eager to make a difference because I have seen, interacted, and worked with some of them. There are likes of Pelkins Ajanoh, the co-founder of CassVita Flour in Cameroon and Joseph Kaizzi, my co-Founder of Thinvoid in Uganda. Joseph is also the co-founder and Partner of this fund.

I am betting on Africa's Future especially during these uncertain times by investing in Visionary and innovative entrepreneurs across the continent. This is not just my independent assessment but is backed by an interesting and recent article by Brookings Institutions Report titled, "Africa's Untapped Business Potential: Countries,Sectors, and Strategies

In this report above titled, "Africa's Untapped Business Potential: Countries, Sectors, and Strategies", the authors, Acha Leke of McKinsey & Company and Landry Signé of the Global Network of Africa's Prosperity listed 5 main business opportunities in Africa on why you need to invest now in the continent to capture the returns within the next decade:

1. It's Growing Population: Africa is expected to have 1.7 billion people by 2030 (over 80% of this growth will occur in cities, which will make it the fastest urbanizing region in the world).

2. The Coming Industrial Revolution: It is projected that African industries will double it's production to over $1 trillion within this decade. 75% will com from Manufacturing and this will pose a great opportunity for manufacturing export-Africa is positioned to be the next Manufacturing Center surpassing China (as it will probably be the next most attractive low cost region for companies in this next decade).

3. Investments to Close the Infrastructure Gap: Africa still has a long way to go investments such as to provide electricity to over 600 million Africans who don't have. However, there has been a 2 x increase of nearly $80 billion in infrastructure since 2000. This will definitely provide opportunities for entrepreneurs (some who can potentially be within our fund) to be part of this infrastructure development across the continent.

4. Innovations to Unleash Agricultural and Resource Wealth: There is an unmet demand on local resources such as oil and gas, and in this next decade, they will be several business opportunities to improve access to these resources as well as make them affordable to local communities. By 2025, domestic gas market will grow by 7% with the possibility of the continent using 70% of that.

5. The potential of Increasing Digital and Mobile Access: Africa has more than 120 million mobile money subscribers (over 50% of Global total). "This trend will enable companies companies to improve their productivity, speed up transactions, and provide them access to wider markets. All of this is estimated to provide an additional $300 billion to the Africa's GDP by 2025."

1. The Case for Investing In Africa by Paul Collier at Mckinsey & Company

2. Rethinking the African Business Opportunity by Mutsa Chironga, Georges Desvaux, and Acha Leke

To conclude as Sangu Delle, a well-respectable Pan-African Investor, Entrepreneur, and Afro-futurist said in a well-written TED piece in 2016:

“In a counterintuitive way, this is one of the best times for you to invest in Africa.”


Within our fund, we intend to do things differently:

First, we will invest in Entrepreneurs who aspire to build Pan-African Businesses that stretches across various countries and beyond. The business is easily scale-able and can be easily integrated into various local settings

Second, we will invest with Patient Capital bearing in mind the challenges that is required to build a startup being frugal especially within the African Ecosystem. With Patient Capital, we're applying the same model called the Shared Earnings Agreement coined by Earnest Capital towards obtaining our return on invested capital as well as working alongside our entrepreneurs through out their journey at Jamani Ventures.

Third, we will most importantly invest in our Entrepreneurs-ensuring that they are physically, mentally, and economically ready to take on the challenge.

We hope in the next 20 years , we have invested in over 2001+ entrepreneurs and provided them with the financial and strategy expertise to every Pan-African dreamer out there "

With these uncertainties of our time, I think we can still bet on Africa's future is NOW and the future is Africa! If you're interested to become a limited Partner for this new fund, please reach out to me at

Other Reports that makes the case for Africa as an investment Opportunity

1.The Case for Investing In Africa by Paul Collier at Mckinsey & Company

2.Rethinking the African Business Opportunity by Mutsa Chironga, Georges Desvaux, and Acha

Post COVID-19 when it's safe to travel we intend to travel more in Asia and Africa to meet you, the limited partners as well as some of our Pan-African Visionary Entrepreneurs on the ground in order to start working them.

If you're interested in the fund, you can reach out to

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