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3 Takeaways from my Master of Science in Finance Degree that I'll love to share with you

About 2 months ago, I completed my Master of Science in Finance from Babson College, and the main takeaway was that there is an interesting world of the applications of financial instruments that can generate significant returns. However beyond the macro-applications of finance as an investment banker, venture capitalist, or broker, there is so much I learned that are crucial to having a better understanding when you choosing your career and how you intend to spend your life in general

I will list a few takeaways from studying a Master of Science in finance that I hopefully wish can be applicable to you:

  1. Start thinking and actually working (actionable steps everyday) towards building a career beyond just a job (this can be a YouTube channel, blogging, photography, or so forth). The catch is that it should be have a revenue generating model based on some primary market research of people's interest on your craft. Most importantly, you should love the process not just the final product of your craft. Finally, this craft should be scalable and some parts should possibly be outsourced as you expand. You CANNOT build wealth on a job (except it's a highly compensated profession, which to be honest, they are very few of those). Thus, you need to start

  2. Learn about real estate, stock-market and Retirement plans (not just 401Ks but on others such as ROTH IRA), and start investing. They are couple of reptutable YouTubers that provide authentic and personalized takes on this. For real estate and investments in general, I watch a lot of Mr. John Henry videos on YouTube. I occasionally watch Graham Stephan specifically on finance and the stock market as well (rather it is bearish or bullish).

  3. Think of financial investments (either real estate or the stock markets) as long-term investments. Even with COVID-19 and other uncertainties from the past like the 2000 crash in the United States and 2008 recession, the stock market seems to be a fair bet. You have to be patient as a wealth creator/investor. When I say patient, I mean 5, 10, or 20 years to see your return of investment or profit.

As always please let me know if you have any questions, and I am looking forward to hearing from you. I am also welcome to suggestions, and if there is anything that you're interested to allow me share about my writing experience .

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