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3 Main Takeways from Masachs Boungou's conversation on Time 4 Growth Markets Pod

4 Main Takeaways from Masachs Boungou's appearance on the Time 4 Growth Markets Pod and a look at his PhD Thesis studying immigrants that have experienced adverse events such as genocide and civil war.

1. The ability to assign positive and optimistic meanings or words to events such as a civil war, genocide. These events help people in these circumstances build stories that are connected to self providing a sense of identity and life story.

2. These events are viewed as a resource that can be used to implement value, creating strategies to overcome or to address any future business challenges.

3.These immigrants were able to connect these experiences to business creation. They were obliged to create a business-finding a purpose in this world. So business to them, it's more than a business. It's not just in terms of making money. It's not just in terms of surviving, but also in terms of finding a purpose, meaning that there has been influenced by what they want.

Full episode on Time 4 Growth Markets pod:

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More about Masachs Boungou

Masachs holds a PhD degree from the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell). My dissertation research focuses on how prior adverse experiences (civil war/or genocide) influence the creation of businesses or entrepreneurial ventures. In particular, Masachs’s PHD thesis looked at how immigrants from post-conflict countries connect their past events of civil war and/or genocide to their business creation and succeed as entrepreneurs in Portland, ME.

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