Profiling multi-sector and serial entrepreneurs, as well as investors in emerging markets for more, informed strategic investment purposes while providing business consultation services


(Meeting Babson College affiliates along the way)

Welcome to Jamani Stories, a subsidiary of Jamani Corporate Group!


I am Jacob Fohtung, MBA Class of 2019 and Masters of Science in Finance Class of 2020 at Babson College (No. 1 in Entrepreneurship in the U.S. by U.S.News & World Report). In 2018, I founded Jamani Corporate Group, a conglomerate of platforms that aim to build emerging markets via funding, consultation,  in-depth entrepreneurship research, and education. I am also the founder of Impactfulally, an entrepreneurship education consultation platform using Babson's Entrepreneurial Thought & Action Methodology.


Jamani Stories is my very own passion project and independent study course supervised by Dr. Phillip Kim, an internationally recognized expert on entrepreneurship and Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson College. 



This project will be filled with unique and engaging content on stories of amazing multi-sector and serial entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps Jamani Stories will ignite your own passions as well.







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Process and Outcome of An Immersive Analysis of Subjects



Traveling, Interviewing, Documenting,  and Working with Successful multi-sector & serial entrepreneurs in emerging markets to access common traits in them that can be taught and developed in youths everywhere, and also why they are the ideal candidates for both private and public investment within this ecosystem


Additionally, I will be accessing current investment trends and behavioral traits  of active investors in these markets  


*We hope to also provide consultation services to our project participants during the process *



 The emerging economies currently in consideration for this project include: 


Peru, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Africa, China, India, Thailand, and Malaysia

(8 total)

**These countries may be subject to change based on external factors such as unstable political climate and anything emergent that might jeopardize the overall goal of this project**


The Outcome of this Project


  • Develop an extensive report on this subject matter that can potentially provide both academic and experiential insights on better strategic investment practices in emerging markets


  • Combine all the profiles from the in-person interviews and interactions with these entrepreneurs into a book outlining traits, habits, and practices of these subjects that make them who they are



    Report current investment trends for entrepreneurs in these markets and any behavioral traits of active investors in this ecosystem



Total Average Cost of this Project: ~$25,000 (travel expense plus accommodation)



January 2019 (booked)